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Help For Oil & Gas Lease Issues

The advancement of techniques for the development of natural gas and oil in the Marcellus and Utica Shales has changed the lives of countless individuals across western Pennsylvania. Oil and gas companies have devoted substantial resources to recovering natural resources from these lands. A lawyer can help you protect your rights. S.R. LAW, LLC, has been helping clients navigate the complicated legal process.

What You Should Know

The income derived from your rights may provide financial security for your family for generations. Before you enter into an agreement with an oil and gas company, however, you must be aware of many considerations. Oil and gas companies negotiate leases all the time and are concerned with their own best interests over yours. In most cases, the first offer these companies make will not be their best offer. We can also assist with ongoing issues related to these leases.

Prior to practicing law, Ronald W. Coyer worked for the Adobe Mining Company. As a result, he has a complete perspective on the way resource developers do business. When your lease is finalized, our law firm will continue to stand by your side. We frequently help families design estate plans that allow the next generation to share in these revenues.

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Our attorneys have extensive experience in the field of oil, gas and mineral rights. We have negotiated hundreds of leases and are well-equipped to help you negotiate the best possible terms. Call 724-794-2929 or complete our contact form to schedule an appointment. The first half-hour of your initial consultation will be free of charge.