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Knowledgeable Estate Administration Services

Last updated on November 19, 2023

Administering the estate of a loved one comes with many responsibilities. At S.R. LAW, LLC, we assist our clients who have been named Executor/trix or who qualify as Administrator/trix with the help they need. We provide a systematic evaluation of their estate and ensure the proper administration of the estate, with the primary goal of avoiding unintended legal and tax consequences.

Comprehensive Help For Estate Administration

Our attorneys work to make the estate administration process as straightforward and efficient as possible. We have decades of experience and can help you administer the estate in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our attorneys assist your financial and/or tax advisers of choice and we also have our own financial and tax advisors to facilitate the necessary personalized planning for both immediate (short-term) and future (long-term) needs so as to structure the administration of the estate to achieve the best possible financial outcome.

Through the estate administration process, the firm assists in managing any assets or liabilities to ensure that distribution occurs according to the appropriate legal protocol. This often requires a complete evaluation of the positions of the estate and beneficiaries.

The Process Of Estate Administration

Some of the duties required for estate administration that S.R. LAW, LLC, assists with are as follows:

  • Obtaining necessary values on estate assets and providing advice to the estate representatives regarding the valuation of these estate assets.
  • Evaluation of estate liabilities and any potential cost-saving measures.
  • Completing any required Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Return in a timely manner and providing advice to achieve available discounts.
  • Completing any additional necessary tax filings.
  • Formulating a plan for the distribution of any assets and guiding the estate representatives through the process of completing the estate administration either through informal (family agreement) or formal (court accounting) distribution methods.
  • Providing advice for estates that have extensive liabilities to avoid any representative personal liability and to minimize the effect of the liabilities on estate assets.
  • Meeting all deadlines and requirements and ensuring that all rules of estate administration are complied with.

We believe that the most important part of settling any estate is the big picture of how all of the assets, liabilities, estate needs and beneficiary desires work together. A firm with an understanding of the large picture can provide clients hidden value and/or savings through proper personalized structuring of the administration that goes far beyond just filing a Petition.

Contact S.R. Law, LLC

At S.R. LAW, LLC, we understand how difficult it can be for families to deal with matters involving estate administration and probate on your own. Our firm offers a free half-hour consultation to evaluate your case with you. To schedule your consultation, call our firm at 724-794-2929 or email us today.